Royal Empire

The Royal Empire is an empire which has taken a stand for Justice and Peace for all. The Royal Empire’s dealing with the Empire of Kirith was not much until the Great Invasions. The Royal Empire saw the other empire as uncivilized and not well mannered.

The Royal Empire was a Rich and powerful empire; they set their economy up upon the backs of the peasant. The Royal empire believe in a four class system-There is a work force, a middle class, a rich class and a royal class, which they call the Royal system in which the class below serves the one above it. The Royal Empire also believes in a scale system in which all people in different classes can climb to a higher class but the only fault with the scale system is this; to join the royal class the family or person wishing to join must go through a trial set by the King (which few pass).

Info about Royal Empire The Royal Empire’s colours are white and purple.

The banner of the Royal Empire is a White back with Purple lion in the middle.

Royal Empire

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