Nearly two hundred years ago the Main Land was attacked by the Thalion Force from the Outer Realm. When the Thalion Force landed they attacked the Main Land and the Royal Empire defended the west Main Land, but the onslaught from the Thalion Force was too great and broke through the defences of the Royal Guard. The Royal Guard was forced to retreat and take up their defences at the West Wall. The Royal Guard having taken their defences up at the West Wall hold strong and the Main land is constantly under attack from the Thalion Force.

Fifty years after the Invasion of the West, the Invasion of the East happened almost as suddenly as the Invasion of the West occurred. The Army of Alata landed on the East coast forcing the formal enemies of the Main Land to become allies in hopes of overcoming these new forces. The army of Alata quickly pushed past the Sea Wall set up by the Empire of Kirith.

The two kings from each Empire Sir Lancel V and Heru Toren made a new alliance between the two kingdoms, thus the New Empire was created. Due to recent onslaughts from the Blazing Armies the New Empire knocked down the Black Wall and they have begun to start to build up their New Empire from within their new boundaries.

The land is now torn apart and divided and is now known as Feleren. The New Empire has recently began pushing their way back into their old lands, meanwhile the Blazing Armies is pushing and advancing looking for a new way to push past the Great Walls.

Land of Feleren